2022 Mid-Year Board Meeting Highlights

The AAIA Board, Officers, and Committee members held the 2022 annual Mid-Year Board Meeting (MYBM) at the Orlando International Airport.  Some attended in-person while the rest attended virtually.

The meeting began on Wednesday, February 2nd and ended on Friday, February 4th.  

On the first day, the Board met in the morning to discuss the Clearwater Conference and the upcoming Orlando Conference.  Other topics included potential website enhancements, a Peer Review Program, outsourcing administrative tasks, coordinating an Annual Business Meeting along with officer elections, and strategic Planning and Goals.

Objectives were set for each Committee where members joined break out sessions in the afternoon and into the following two days in-person and/or virtually to meet those objectives.

Orlando International Airport was very gracious to the AAIA by allowing us to use its conference room and audio visual equipment to keep costs low.  With an on-site hotel property and multiple eating venues, it was an excellent location for this year's MYBM.  Thank you Orlando International Airport!!!