AAIA Quarterly Forum - Now Eligible for CPE hours!

Would you like to talk and interact with fellow members?                             

  • Want to learn how to navigate through COVID 19?
  • How to assess on-going risks?
  • How to effectively communicate with leadership?
  • Want advice on an audit issue?
  • Need clarification on how others perform audit procedures or confirmation on your approach?
  • Have experiences you would like to share?
  • Is there an emerging risk you would like to discuss?

The AAIA Quarterly Forum is an exclusive member benefit and provides an opportunity to ask, share, and learn. The format of the Zoom meeting follows an agenda, but allows for deviations from the agenda when hot topics arise. If you have attended an AAIA Annual Conference, you should be familiar with the ever popular Group Share session. The Quarterly Forum is a similar format and allows for open discussion. 

A few years ago, a bi-monthly conference call was set up to discuss airport construction auditing topics. The call matured further and expanded into other topics under the scope of Airport Internal Auditing. With technological improvements, the call transitioned to Web-Ex, Microsoft Teams, and now Zoom - to enable visual presentations, screen sharing, and videos. Throughout these calls, members have shared audit reports, insights, and ideas on how to be more effective and efficient.

Individuals typically signed up to be a part of these calls during the annual conference or learned of the calls by word of mouth.  With the launch of the new and improved website, and the ability to interface using Zoom, we want to ensure that all of our members have the opportunity to join the discussion.